Signs of Mental Illness In Men

The signs of mental illness in men are often much less noticeable in than those found in women. It is important to be aware of these symptoms because they are definite signs that signal problems with mental health. As an example, men try much harder to disguises the signs of severe depression because they feel that they will lose their appearance of strength or manliness. Regardless, the signs of mental illness in men still exist and need to be identified.

signs of mental illness in men

Signs of Mental Illness in Men

  • It is quite common for men to mask their signs of mental illness with extra charm, humor, or elegance. They have the ability to act completely normal in a social situation. However, they may let their mental illness loose in private situations. This could prove dangerous for both the person suffering from the disorder as well as anyone around him. A great example of this is the common tale of the abusive husband. The man may be very nice and kind while courting his girlfriend. It is only after the couple is married that he will feel comfortable enough to let down his guard. This is one things become violent.
  • Another of the signs of mental illness in men revolves around the ability to hold a job for any amount of time. Men with mental illness will often switch jobs fairly frequently. They may have difficulty making friends at work or responding positively to authority figures. Their performance in the workplace is often subpar as well.
  • Some men may experience hallucinations or delusions as well. They may think they are extremely important, see things that are not there, or hear voices when no one is around. A smaller cross section may view them as not important at all and develop a poor self image.
  • Extreme fear, anxiety, sadness, or overwhelming worries are big signs of mental illness in men. Even the most subtle of annoyances can cause big problems for these people.
  • Constant fatigue and lack of motivation are common factors in men who are suffering from a mental disorder.
  • Certain men will constantly deny their symptoms of mental illness. They are either embarrassed or afraid of the consequences and will live in denial for long periods of time. This type of denial is often cause by domestic or professional stressors.
  • Some men will complain of physical injury regularly when no actually injury exists.
  • You may notice a drastic change in the man’s sleeping habits, hygiene, overall health, or appetite. These are blatant signs of mental illness in men.
  • Most men with an emotional disorder may have suicidal thoughts or will outwardly speak of suicide on a regular basis. They feel that such actions will be a proper escape from the suffering they are experiencing.

It is absolutely essential that you seek help from a qualified professional if you notice a number of these signs of mental illness in men. As with most illnesses, the sooner the problem is uncovered and acknowledged, the easier and faster it is to treat it properly. Your love and support is the best thing that you can do to help your loved one through this difficult time. It is the support of family that often helps the most after the signs of mental illness in men are discovered.